Live 2017: Midtown

Vintage Church’s mission is to make disciples who know the gospel, live the gospel, and advance the gospel. Live 2017 is the second year in a three year series based on that mission. Last year through Know 2016 we focused on knowing the gospel more fully as a church. We look back on 2016 as a year of understanding the absolute totality of Jesus’ work on our behalf, and we look ahead to 2017 as a year of learning to walk according to that reality.

Live 2017 Events

As part of Live 2017 we are offering specific training on learning how to live out the gospel in the specific phase of life or arena you operate in.
These gatherings will be helpful to learn, share, and grow in living the gospel. Choose an area below and join in!

Singles Event
Tuesday, May 2, 7-8:30p
1880 Room
118 S. Person Street Raleigh, NC, 27601
This event is part of the Live 2017 series as we dive in this year to living the gospel. Join us as we discuss what it means to honor God in singlehood through biblical examples. We’re all single for a season; some, for a lifetime. We’ll talk through how we can live in singleness according to the gospel and delight in the Lord with other believers. Cost is $5, which covers desserts, light appetizers, and drinks. Please RSVP on The City for planning purposes. For more information, email Tanner at
Parenting Seminar
Saturday, April 29
Vintage Downtown
In late April we’ll be offering a Saturday morning seminar on parenting. Whether you have kids or you’re planning on it, this will be a rich time studying how we live and raise children according to the gospel. For more information, visit

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