Advent Conspiracy Introduction

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While followers of Christ tell the biblical story of Christmas on Sundays, if we’re honest, our practice of Christmas doesn’t look much different from that of the culture who does not follow Jesus. We have allowed consumerism, materialism, and individualism to crowd out our worship of and rest in Jesus. Gone is the sense of

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Hope

By vintagechurch  -  On 06 Nov, 2018 -  0 comments

Hello, Vintage Church! At the close of Breast Cancer Awareness month, please remember this: October is not the only time you should be aware of those suffering with this disease. For those of us who are praying for wellness, for those who have passed, and for our loved ones, it’s a time to be thankful

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Courage

By vintagechurch  -  On 02 Nov, 2018 -  0 comments

Hello, Vintage Church! I am hoping you’ve had Jesus lay on your heart someone who is facing breast cancer, and you’ve had an opportunity to pray for them. Breast Cancer Awareness month is a wonderful time to remember those who have passed away from the disease, those who are courageously stepping through treatments for healing,

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Strength

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Hello, Vintage Church! Many of you know that October is not only about the arrival of fall, but the beginning of many celebrations and colors – I love the yellows, oranges, deep reds and greens. October is also a month of pink, with the arrival of Breast Cancer Awareness month! So many women are walking

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Part 2 of Conversation on The Gospel and Race

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The good news, or “gospel” of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection results not only in our reconciliation to God, having been forgiven and adopted as daughters and sons into his family, but in our reconciliation to one another. The church is called to unity not simply as a goal or mandate, because the reality is

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Hunter Elementary Backpack Buddies

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Here at Vintage Church, we partner with several organizations in our city that are working hard to help children and families in need. One of those partnerships is a local school, Hunter Elementary, that we have been able to support by providing backpacks for children that desperately need school supplies at the start of each

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My Experience in Brazil

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I had the privilege of traveling with our team of twelve to Brazil. On our fully-guided, seven day trip our team had the opportunity to share God’s love with Brazilian children and families in need. We got to experience all the facets of Compassion International’s ministry in Brazil while enjoying opportunities to interact with and

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Welcome Michael Darbouze

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The New Testament is the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ followed by the spread of local church congregations. These people lived out the Kingdom of God through their relationships, their service of others, their preaching of the Gospel, and most of all, the love of Jesus Christ. As with any

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Summer Series Study Guide

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Our summer sermon series is called 10. Over the next ten weeks we will study ten characters in the Old Testament and how they advanced God’s Kingdom. They are a varied group: women, men, Jews, gentiles, rulers, slaves, widows, prophets, rich, and poor. Like each one of us, they have their flaws, and our goal

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Easter at Vintage Church

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On Easter Sunday, we’ll hold baptisms at all three Vintage churches. Baptizing new believers on Easter is a church tradition thousands of years old, and we can’t wait to celebrate the inward change that followers experience when they receive the grace of Jesus and believe in him. We believe that baptisms are a public sign

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