Why We Plant Churches: Part 2

By vintagechurch  -  On 21 Jan, 2015 -  0 comments

As we lead up to Church Planting Sunday at Vintage in a few weeks, we wanted to share some of the reasons that church planting is a critical part of our DNA. Look for another post this week, and join us on Church Planting Sunday for a special message, more information, and ways that you can get involved through prayer and giving. You can also read the first post in this installment here. Church Planting Sunday is Feb. 1 at Downtown and Midtown and Feb. 8 at Durham.

The pattern throughout the Bible is clear: God never blesses his people so they can keep that blessing to themselves. He blesses his people so they can be a blessing to others. They take what God gives them and share it with others.

God continues to bless Vintage. We don’t want to hoard that blessing. Instead, we want to share it with as many people as we can. God continues to bless you, through the church. You don’t want to hoard that blessing, but instead want to share it with as many people as you can. One of the primary ways we all can share the blessings God gives us through his Church is by planting more churches filled with people that experience God’s blessings.

Vintage is a church-planting church because wherever we plant churches, people hear the gospel, people are changed and blessed by God, their city is loved, and Jesus is shown once again to be the king over everything.

Thousands of years ago the Prophet Amos looked at God’s people—the women of Samaria specifically—and called them a bunch of cows. Not just any cows, he called them “you cows of Bashan” (Amos 4:1). Bashan was a fertile pastureland in Israel. The cows that grazed there were fat, healthy, and happy. They were well-fed, eating and eating and only thinking about eating more. Amos says God will come against his people if they live in that self-centered, self-indulgent way because in their selfishness they refuse to share his abundant blessing with others.

The picture is clear. The accusation hits home. We (individually) don’t want to be a cow of Bashan, keeping God’s abundant blessings us to ourselves. Instead, we want to share those blessings with others by declaring and demonstrating the gospel to all who will listen and see. And, we (as a church) don’t want to be a cow of Bashan, a flourishing church planted through the generosity of many other churches, hoarding that generosity for ourselves.

We don’t want to be a church that plays it safe; we don’t want to be a church full of fat and happy cows. Instead, empowered by King Jesus, we want to risk everything he gave us to see his gospel advance.

Church planting helps us do that. It forces us to take the best things Jesus gave us—things like gifted leaders, money, and other great resources—and share them with others, trusting that Jesus will always give us more than we need.

When you—through Vintage—help plant churches, you not only obey Jesus, you also demonstrate faith in him. You risk the good things he’s given you—things like your time, your money, your gifts—trusting that as you risk what you have, he will give you more than you need. And, you risk trusting that he will do something amazing with the little that you give.