Why We Plant Churches: Part 3

By vintagechurch  -  On 23 Jan, 2015 -  0 comments

According to the most recent, comprehensive study of church planting in the United States, the most effective church planting strategy is “local churches planting other churches—which in turn have church-planting DNA ingrained in them from their inception.”

Vintage plants churches that will plant more churches as we are generous with the many good things God gives us.

We give ten-percent of the money you give to plant churches. We currently give to church plants like Sojourn Church in Kampala, Uganda, Grace Church in Leith, Scotland, and Veritas Church in Fayetteville. We partner with organizations like the Leaders Collective to develop church planters through their residency program and help other existing churches become church planting churches.

Our staff and elders regularly give their time to help church plants. Jim Freeze serves as part of an advisory team for Pastor John Murphy and Veritas Church. Robyn van den Berg regularly coaches administrative assistants at a number of church plants. Jessica Janes works with pastors to help develop their communication strategy. Pastors Tyler Jones and Elliot Grudem spend a portion of their time coaching church planters. Pastor Thom Asta serves on the board of Sojourn Church (Kampala, Uganda) and takes groups from the Triangle to Kampala to serve the churches there.

Our people also go to serve church plants. Jacob and Kylie Warren moved from Raleigh to Fayetteville to serve at Veritas Church. Judson van Wyk moved from Durham to Leith, Scotland, for a few years to help with Grace Church.

Finally, we all pray for the Gospel to advance through the church. We all can pray for our churches. This is not minor thing. “Devoting themselves to prayer” (Acts 1:14) was the first thing Jesus’ followers did to start a church planting movement.

When Jesus left earth for heaven, he entrusted his entire mission to a small, scared, defeated group of followers. Empowered by the Holy Spirit and certain the Gospel was true, they risked everything and started a global church planting movement that—over 2,000 years later—is still going!

We continue to benefit from their faith and obedience. We also continue to follow that faith and obedience by planting churches that plant churches.