Know 2016

By vintagechurch  -  On 31 Jan, 2016 -  0 comments

Vintage Midtown and Downtown,

We began this year with a sermon series on the mission of Vintage Church: know, live, and advance the gospel. Today I announced in each sermon the plan we have for the upcoming year: we as a church are going to turn our efforts towards the first action: know the gospel. We’re calling this Know 2016.

We want Know 2016 to be at the forefront of our minds and hearts, every day of this year. We are, together as one church family, choosing to lean in with everything to know the gospel deeper and more fully. We are giving out stickers, asking you to place them somewhere visible, to remind you daily to Know the Gospel with Vintage this year.

Here are “first steps” in committing to Know 2016:


Go Big: memorize all of Ephesians 1-3

• We will launch a scripture memorization tool on March 6th!
• During the month of February we will talk about scripture memorization every week!
• Please start reading these chapters to familiarize yourself with them.



READ The Reckless Love of God by Alex Early

• We will start reading this February 1st, and we will be done by April 15th.
• Read one chapter a week and finish one month early!
• Read 2.5 pages a day and finish by April 15th!
• We will have copies of The Reckless Love of God available for purchase at Vintage Church Downtown and Midtown services, by February 7th. Copies will cost $5. You can also purchase a copy here


ATTEND The Reckless Love of God Event

Save the Date | April 16th
Plan to attend this seminar with your Community Group!

More to come,