A Snapshot of Dan Morris

By vintagechurch  -  On 25 Jul, 2016 -  0 comments

We are thrilled to send out Vintage Church pastor Dan Morris to plant a new church in Knightdale. Dan is inviting those in the Knightdale area to join him as he plants Sojourn Knightdale in January 2017. We asked Ted Yap, College and Student Director for Vintage Church Downtown, to share his experience of working under Dan’s leadership over the past year.

Over the past year it has been my privilege to work closely with Dan Morris. During that time, Dan mentored and gave oversight to me as I worked with college students on campus at NC State and in serving those who call Vintage home. Through working together and Dan’s leadership we have grown not only in our working relationship but also as friends. I am incredibly thankful for the impact he has had on my life.

Dan is an outstanding pastor. He has the ability to connect with people from many different contexts, and shows great thought and care for those he is pastoring. I’ve been with Dan as he cared for a couple who experienced great tragedy and sickness. I learned from Dan how to shepherd others as he came alongside that couple, sitting with them through their tears. By his presence and words he reminded them of Jesus’ work on the cross and how Christ is near to us in our suffering. In a time that many would find awkward, in which most would shy away from or be at a loss for words, Dan readily cared for the people of God’s church.

Similarly, Dan has also been there for me over the past year through difficult circumstances in my own life. He has been a consistent friend, present in times of great rejoicing, specifically playing a huge role in counseling my wife and I before marriage and (very thankfully) making sure our wedding weekend went off without a hitch. I have also learned the qualities of a godly husband and father simply by watching him in everyday life. He loves his wife deeply and with great attention. Dan cherishes and plays with his kids with uninhibited cheer. Dan’s life is marked by the joy and freedom that only comes from a man who knows the gospel.

Over the past year Dan has constantly reminded me of how the gospel is not simply something that we need but that it is all we have. In that light, he has taught me to always begin and end with the gospel. Whether enjoying coffee with college students, planning events for middle school students, or engaging in conversation with men and women experiencing homelessness, the emphasis has been desiring people to meet Jesus above anything else. He and his family truly believe Jesus is worthy of their lives.

Dan is someone who will always begin and end with the gospel, someone who has been there for me in the most important moments in my life over the past year, and consistently loves those around him in a way that directly points to Jesus. I am grateful to know him as a friend and blessed to have the opportunity to continually learn from him.

-Ted Yap

Dan Morris will be holding core group gatherings for Sojourn Knightdale throughout the fall. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit sojournnc.com or email dan@sojournnc.com

To see outtakes from Dan and Ted’s photo shoot, visit here.