Lent 2017 – Part I

By Vintage  -  On 01 Mar, 2017 -  0 comments

Lent is historically a time of repentance; by reading scripture, fasting, and praying, we want to dig up things in our heart that we need to repent of and trust all the more in the Lord. Our goal in observing Lent is not to earn favor with God by fasting and praying, but to allow us a season to reflect on the reality of the darkness that surrounds us and the light available in Jesus. We have created a Lent devotional guide in hopes that it will help us pursue what God would have for us as a church this season.


As we journey through Lent together, there will be views each week of our own sin. The point of this isn’t to berate ourselves, but to truly grasp our need for the death of Jesus on our behalf. When we understand the weight of our sin and the depths of our need for mercy, we truly understand the monumental nature of what was accomplished on Calvary. As we look at our sin each week we’ll have opportunities to worship the Lord for his endless grace and steadfast love towards us.

We encourage you to dive deep into Lent. Use this guide to work through areas of your life that distract you from the Lord and clutter your life. Traditionally Lent observers pick something to fast from throughout the 40 days of Lent. We’ll be observing these fast days on Thursdays, but participate in whatever way is most helpful for your spiritual growth this season. Consider what will allow you to draw closer to God the most, and exercise courage in your decisions to fast. If you’re new to fasting, this website provides helpful information on how and why we fast.