The Servant Songs: Advent 2017

By Vintage  -  On 01 Dec, 2017 -  0 comments

Starting on December 3 at all three Vintage Church locations, we are studying four passages from the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Theologians point to these prophecies in Isaiah as the scriptures that would have shaped Jesus’ understanding of what the Messiah would do, how he would do it, and what he could expect would happen to him. Where many people in that day expected a political revolutionary, a military conqueror, or a worldly king, Jesus understood God’s plan through God’s word. Particularly what God promised he would do through the Messiah. These passages show God’s plan to send his own Son as a servant who would suffer on our behalf, and are referred to as the “Servant Songs.” We look forward to taking this journey together through Advent!

Our Advent sermon series will culminate on Sunday, December 24 at all three Vintage Church locations. With this being Christmas Eve, we have special plans for these gatherings:

12/24, 4p and 5:30p Candlelight Services

12/24, 10a

12/24, 10:30