Advent Conspiracy Introduction

By Vintage  -  On 14 Nov, 2018 -  0 comments

While followers of Christ tell the biblical story of Christmas on Sundays, if we’re honest, our practice of Christmas doesn’t look much different from that of the culture who does not follow Jesus. We have allowed consumerism, materialism, and individualism to crowd out our worship of and rest in Jesus. Gone is the sense of wonder, the stillness and peace that comes from being focused on the greatest story ever told: the incarnation of God’s Son. Instead the busyness, noise, and expectations leave us weary, bloated, in debt, and lacking true joy.

This year we are proposing a radical trust in God with the season of Advent. During what is typically a bloated, busy month we want to experience the rest and peace that comes from communion with God and invite the world around us into the freedom and joy found in Jesus. We also believe that as we consider what God has given us, our hearts will grow in gratefulness, freeing us from the consumerism that promises happiness but over time leaves us only with longing.

To help us achieve this, we’re joining a movement of churches called The Advent Conspiracy.

This was started by churches and consists of practicing four tenets:

Worship Fully
Christmas begins and ends with Jesus.
Spend Less
Free up your resources to support things that truly matter.
Give More
Give more intentionally and relationally.
Love All
Radically love others like Jesus did.

While Sundays will be scripture-based and based on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, we’ll incorporate these four tenets and the heart behind them. To help practice these tenets, we’re creating Advent Calendars for each household or individual. You can pick up an Advent Calendar at one of the three Vintage Church locations on Sunday, November 25, or at the Vintage Church office between November 26-30.