Here at Vintage Church, we partner with several organizations in our city that are working hard to help children and families in need. One of those partnerships is a local school, Hunter Elementary, that we have been able to support by providing backpacks for children that desperately need school supplies at the start of each school year. In previous years, this has been a huge blessing to the teachers and the students at Hunter.

Each year, the teachers and administration at Hunter Elementary do a bus tour where they travel through the surrounding neighborhoods and deliver backpacks and supplies to the houses of many local families in need. We would love to help Hunter again this year by providing school supplies for this year’s bus tour.

Here’s how you can help:
1) Pick up a printed supply list in the Information Room at Vintage Church Downtown. (The same list is available at the bottom of this post!)
2) Bring any supplies or items you’d like to donate to Vintage Church Downtown’s offices (Monday through Friday) or with you to church on Sundays.

Please bring all donated items to Vintage Church Downtown by Sunday, 8/18.

We hope your family, friends, and community groups will join us as we seek to abundantly love our city through your giving and generosity!