The 2020 theme for Vintage Church is “Experience The Kingdom.” As we expand our understanding of the gospel beyond simply individual salvation, we see God’s plan to redeem a broken and bent world with the promise to one day bring about a new heavens and a new earth. Throughout the book of Matthew, Jesus teaches and exhibits the kingdom of heaven, and we’ll spend the majority of 2020 learning about what it means to live in the kingdom of God. Before we learn about the kingdom, however, we want to spend time learning about the King.

This series is about the incommunicable attributes of God, and we’ll examine the ways God is vastly different from humans. To help us do this beyond Sundays, we’re encouraging everyone to purchase and read None Like Him by Jen Wilkin. In her book, Wilkin lays out how we foolishly and pridefully try to be like God, and if we trust God that he’ll provide everything we need. Through this series we will see the ways we’re missing out on a peace and joy due to our pointless striving to carry weight only God can carry.


Option 1: Read the chapter before the Sunday service. We chose eight attributes to study, and we’ll be following this schedule at all Vintage Church locations.

January 5 – Genesis 1 | Incomprehensible, Chapter 2

January 12 – Exodus 6:2-8 | Immutable, Chapter 6

January 19 – Daniel 4:29-37 | Self-Existent, Chapter 3

January 26 – Exodus 16:13-21 | Self-Sufficient, Chapter 4

February 2 – Exodus 32:1-8 | Omniscient, Chapter 8

February 9 – Genesis 45:1-15 | Eternal, Chapter 5

February 16 – Deuteronomy 31:1-8 | Omnipresent, Chapter 7

February 23 – Genesis 17:15-22 | Sovereign, Chapter 10

Option 2: Using the schedule above, read the book as a community group, discussing the chapter in your gatherings after hearing the sermon on Sunday.

Option 3: Grab a small group of friends and read the book together, either following the guide above or just straight through as it’s written. This is a great book club book, and Wilkin even provides questions at the end of each chapter!

Option 4: Read it on your own straight through at your leisure. Or listen to the audiobook. Any of the four options is great, we truly believe these attributes of God are worth studying!


At each Vintage Church location, you can purchase the book at a reduced rate of $5.00. We take cash or card, and they’re for sale after each service. If you’d like to pick one up from the Vintage Church offices, email

The book can also be purchase as a paperback, audio book, or kindle book at Amazon.