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Advent Conspiracy, Day 12

By vintagechurch  -  On 12 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

We’re on Day 12 of Advent Conspiracy! The tenet we’re practicing today is to “Love All.” Given Jesus’ life and teaching, this concept should be an easy one for his followers, and yet we often struggle with pride, self-reliance, and judgment. From Advent Conspiracy: Making Christmas Meaningful Again by Rick McKinley, Chris Seay, and Greg

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 11

By vintagechurch  -  On 11 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

During this season full of movement and tasks, it may seem that a prayer is not a proper activity. Perhaps it’s even frustrating to pull out today’s Advent card and see that the activity is to pray. “I don’t have time for that” you may think. This sentiment of busyness shows how far we’ve come

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 10

By vintagechurch  -  On 10 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

“Thanks to processes which we set at work in them centuries ago, they find it all but impossible to believe in the unfamiliar while the familiar is before their eyes. Keep pressing home the ordinariness of things.” – Screwtape, from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis   The world is so full of noise and

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 9

By vintagechurch  -  On 09 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

The story of Christmas is one of restoring a relationship. Jesus Christ, the second member of the Triune God, was born as a human not only to remove our sin and usher in God’s kingdom but to restore the broken relationship between God and humanity. Our loving Father wants not only to save us, but

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 8

By vintagechurch  -  On 08 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

Vintage Church North When the busyness and great expectations of this season overwhelm us, two things we quickly abandon are prayer and hospitality. We rely on our own own strength to get things done, and with tasks as our focus we miss truly seeing those around us. Instead, let’s make plans to show up early

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 7

By vintagechurch  -  On 07 Dec, 2018 -  2 comments

The birth of Jesus was the deepest, most heartfelt song the world has ever heard; God’s beautiful masterpiece making a debut. Today, Christmas is not a song of worship, but an entire genre of music. It’s almost a right of passage for a recording artist to put out a Christmas song or album. These Christmas

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 6

By Vintage  -  On 06 Dec, 2018 -  1 comment

Saint Nicholas St. Nicholas of Myra was an actual historical figure who was born around 270 A.D. and died around December 6, 346. He lived in modern-day Turkey (a far cry from the North Pole!) and served as a bishop. There’s no doubt he lived an extraordinary life, as the tradition that has built up

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 5

By Vintage  -  On 05 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

God made promises to his people, and subsequently the world, starting all the way back in Genesis 3. These are promises of love made by a loving Father. Take note of what God declares in Jeremiah 33:14-16: Jeremiah 33:14–16 “Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will fulfill the promise I made

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 4

By Vintage  -  On 04 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

Today’s Advent Calendar scripture and activity deals with the tenet to Worship Fully. Advent is a tradition in the church that dates all the way back to the 4th Century. The word Advent is based in a latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival”, and it points to the arrival promised savior of the world. It’s

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Advent Conspiracy, Day 3

By Vintage  -  On 03 Dec, 2018 -  0 comments

2 Corinthians 8:8–9 (ESV) “I say this not as a command, but to prove by the earnestness of others that your love also is genuine. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become

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