Grace Groups

About Grace Groups

Many women and men around us are dealing with the pain and scars associated with sexual abuse, including women and men at Vintage Church. Because of this, Vintage offers Grace Groups, 12-week sexual abuse recovery groups (a men’s group and a women’s group), led by Dawn Sanders and Kellay Chapman, twice yearly.

Through the lens of the gospel, group participants examine the significance of their stories and how history impacts the present. Grace Groups deal with significant issues like betrayal, shame, and contempt, and explore styles of relating that speak to both our dignity and depravity. The groups focus on the book, The Wounded Heart, by Dan Allender.

Identifying Abuse

Many people only identify sexual abuse as rape or a sexual favor, but abuse also includes being exposed to porn by a sibling, inappropriate sexual comments, and inappropriate touch. Abuse has many forms. Regardless of its form, abuse is confusing and destructive for anyone who faces it.

Getting Connected to a Grace Group

We want to walk with you through this difficult part of life and help you find healing in Jesus. If you’re interested in understanding the impact of sexual abuse—physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally—or learning more about Grace Groups, please contact Dawn and Kellay at You can also reach Dawn by phone at 919.521.0975


Dawn was a victim of childhood sexual abuse herself and understands the struggle and desire for healing from the devastating effects of abuse. Processing this trauma in a safe group setting made a huge difference in her life and spurred her life’s ministry to help other women on their journey of recovery. Dawn attended Western Seminary in Seattle, Washington, earning a Masters Degree in Counseling. She’s been leading abuse recovery groups since 1999.


Kellay started Grace Groups primarily because she had suffered significant damage in her life from secondary abuse (being in close relationship with people who have been sexually abused). Through definitions of sexual abuse she learned in group, she was able to weave together a more complete picture of the heartache and confusion she was experiencing. Going through the class also cemented Kellay’s desire to work with victims of sexual abuse. She’s since joined Dawn in leading this ministry for women at Vintage and in our community.

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