Love the City


As followers of Jesus, God has you in a specific time and place for the purpose of carrying out his mission to be a disciple who makes disciples (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 17:26). You’re in a unique position to love the people that are in the places you live, work, and spend time—in your neighborhood, at work, and throughout your city.

At Vintage, we encourage you to choose one person, family, or group of neighbors in your life and leverage all you’ve been given to share Jesus’ love with them. As we respond to Jesus’ love for us, we naturally share our life with others, pray for them, serve them, love and support them. It may take a day, a month, or years, but God can use you to draw that person, family, or group of neighbors to himself. We’re not hopeless or dependent on our own strength to do this, because as Paul reminds us in 1 Timothy 1:15, “…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” The Spirit does the work, but we will labor and leverage everything we have to see people around us saved from death and brought to life.


Community groups are small groups of people who meet weekly to study the Bible and share Jesus’ love in their neighborhoods. The core of community groups consists of individual disciples of Jesus who are “loving one” together. The group comes together formed around a mission to make disciples. We do this in community groups by loving our neighbors (our neighborhood, our dorm, our block, our apartment complex, or our workplace) in two ways:

1 Supporting each individual in the group who is “loving one” through prayer, encouragement, and action.

2 Acting collectively as a group to make an impact on our neighbors. The actions of a community group express through word and deed the love they have for the people who make up the neighborhood.


Each local Vintage church was uniquely placed by God, just as you were uniquely placed in your community. Although community groups work to love their neighborhoods, our local churches also provide opportunities to love the cities at large in the Triangle area. Check out some of our partners and opportunities below!


The CORRAL Riding Academy is a faith based non-profit group operating out of Cary, North Carolina, where girls who are hurting are loved and experience healing through rescued horses. CORRAL offers at-risk girls riding lessons, therapy, mentoring, tutoring, and a chance to bond with horses, which provides them with the tools necessary to overcome the challenges they face. For more information about how to get involved through Vintage Church, email Marinna Jasso at
Lucille Hunter Gifted and Talented/AIG Basics Magnet Elementary is located in downtown Raleigh and is Wake County’s first magnet school. The school prides itself on being very diverse and exposing all children to cultural, social, ethnic, familial, and racial differences. Over half the 700+ students elect to attend Hunter for its Arts Department and Gifted & Talented electives. All students have the opportunity to participate in arts- and academic-based electives of their choice. Hunter’s mission is to explore, develop, and nourish qualities that make each child special. For information about getting involved through Vintage, email Stephen Doyle at
Raleigh Rescue Mission, a neighboring organization to Vintage Church Downtown, is a non-profit dedicated to serving the homeless in downtown Raleigh through the love of Christ. Vintage Church Downtown works in partnership with Raleigh Rescue Mission to provide an overflow shelter space for women and children in the 1880 Room. Additionally, Vintage works with Raleigh Rescue Mission to provide some special programs for the women. If you are interested in more information on how Vintage supports Raleigh Rescue Mission or if you’re a woman interested in meeting with the women who stay in our overflow shelter, contact Virginia Gustafson.
Love the City: Spring Break is a catalytic gospel-centered event – a week-long project that builds relationships and lays the foundation for long-term service and transformation in Downtown Raleigh. The project runs Mar. 7-11 and is a collaboration between Vintage Church and Cru at NC State. This Spring Break you’re invited to join us for a week of comprehensive theological training, and to serve people of our city through organizations Vintage Church partners with on a consistent basis. Sign up at
Durham Easter is a free family event hosted by Vintage Church for the city of Durham with egg hunts, inflatable games, prizes, music and balloons! Durham Easter is held in the parking area of Vintage Church Durham and has several hunt times throughout the day (with age-specific zones). For more information on Durham Easter, visit
Each Christmas, all three Vintage churches participate in Giving Tree to meet the needs of families, organizations, and local ministries. Each church chooses the families and organizations they support, and members and attenders have the opportunity of buying and donating goods to help meet those needs. In the past, Vintage has sponsored families from Hunter Elementary, World Relief, CORRAL Riding Academy, and Raleigh Rescue Mission. Look for Giving Tree information each year during Advent at all three Vintage churches.

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