Remember today that while we are isolated, we are not alone. We are here for one another, and this prayer wall is a place to live that out. Share prayer requests below and encourage those who post requests by praying and clicking on the Pray button to show how we are petitioning our Good Father together.

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  • Please pray for my Son Derrick to re-unite with God and Family
    Please pray for my son Derrick to re-unite with God,his family and friends. 3 1/2 years ago he got married on Halloween night. No one was invited. He slowly drifted away from God, family and friends. 2 year ago he disowned me his mother he said he wished I had aborted him or given him away to an orphanage. He was 34 years old when he said that. We were a very close loving family .He always used to say I was the best mother he could ever ask for. Everyone wondered what happened to him.
  • Prayer request - urgent!
    Please pray for my brother (Scott), who is in ICU in Knoxville TN with a collapsed lung and serious pulmonary issues. Thank you!
  • prayer for Royce healing
    Special prayer for Sister Alyce and Sister Carr Healing in their bodies. Please add our brother Royce and his family, to your churches prayer. Prayer for Reverend Leighs Job and mean co-workers who keep mistreating her.
    Prayer for Franks father who is having heart problems.
    Prayer for his upcoming follow up appointment regarding healing in his upper right check. He has been through a lot but The Lord brought him out! He still needs full deliverance, disintegration, implosion of every evil
  • Season of Singleness
    Please pray for me during my season of singleness. I am going on 4 years single and in my mid twenties. The loneliness is heightened during quarantine and the pandemic. I desire marriage and a family so badly and am growing weary waiting and praying. Please pray for peace and strength to lean into God during this time.
  • Prayer Request for Cousin's Baby
    Please pray for my cousin, Rachel, who is expecting her first child in early October. There are concerns about possible birth defects. Thank you!
  • Lexi
    I ask for others to pray for my friend Lexi and to help her grow from her past. She has struggled her whole life with many hardships and I ask you to pray she connects with god and devolves a close relationship to learn her worth and understand how much Jesus loves her. I ask you to pray for her freedom from a very toxic relationship that is killing her from substance abuse and I ask you to pray for her to love herself and be saved.
  • Lamar Jones
    Lamar is battling stage 4 cancer in the brain and lungs. He is a husband to Mary Hannah and a wonderful father to his two kids, Hannah and Miles. We are praying for healing, strength, and faith during this hardship. Sending gratitude and much love to Vintage Church!
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