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Vintage Students are passionate about our mission, our students, and our amazing God! We believe that Jesus revolutionized the world through something we often take for granted: the power of students. We’ve created an environment where every student involved is known, cared for, and loved. Vintage Students is made up of two age-specific community groups for high school and middle school students. If you’re a student, we have a group that’s perfect for you!

Vintage Students has 3 primary goals:

1) We strive to point students to Jesus (KNOW). We want to teach students about the love of God through Jesus, using our words and our deeds.

2) We strive to point students to the Church (LIVE). We want to help students find community within the church, assimilate into the greater life of the church, and cultivate within them a love for the church.

3) We strive to point students to their community and city (ADVANCE). We want to train, empower, send out, and support students in loving others through act of service, and sharing the good news with them through intentional, relational evangelism.


Vintage Students is dedicated to hosting fun and exciting events where students feel welcome and part of our family. To find out about the events students will be participating in, visit our Events page.

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