Partnerships at West

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Backpack Buddies

A WCPSS initiative that seeks to provide meals and snacks each weekend to students. Vintage West specifically serves the students in need at Laurel Park Elementary.

Operation Nayhelle

Operation Nayhelle’s vision is to put faith into action through service to the community to ensure everyone’s essential needs are met. Operation Nayhelle provides clean clothing, food, toiletries, and water to subsidized families.

A Doorway to Hope

A Doorway to Hope is a Christian organization serving working, low income families who are at a crisis point and need a helping hand. ADTH provides necessary resources and links to local services to give temporary, emergency help to return families to a state of self-sufficiency.

Second Home

Second Home is a support network for foster, adoptive, and kinship families in the Raleigh/Durham area. Second Home provides support groups, resources, and meals.

Care Portal

An online platform from The Global Orphan Project that seeks to connect foster families and reunified families with the local church to meet physical and emotional needs.