Summer Series Study Guide

By Vintage  -  On 05 Jun, 2018 -  0 comments

Our summer sermon series is called 10. Over the next ten weeks we will study ten characters in the Old Testament and how they advanced God’s Kingdom. They are a varied group: women, men, Jews, gentiles, rulers, slaves, widows, prophets, rich, and poor. Like each one of us, they have their flaws, and our goal is not to lift them up as heroes. Instead, we will see how God’s love moved them to action, changing their lives and the lives of those around them.

Along with our sermon series we have a summer study guide (daily devotional) that expands upon the series. We hope this is a rich resource for you on the journey of this series.

The guide has four days of devotions for each week of the sermon series. The idea is that there is one devotion for each weekday, with community group as a night of discussion, and the weekend off. Each study will take about fifteen minutes, but our hope is that you will meditate and pray throughout the day about the Scripture and the thoughts presented in this guide.

Be blessed, encouraged, and challenged by the stories of Old Testament characters. They’re ordinary people impacted by an extraordinary God. Just like us.