New Here? This church is for you.

If you’ve been burned by the church, don’t trust it, don’t like it, or just plain don’t believe the claims Jesus makes, this church is for you. If you are curious, just investigating, or wondering whether Jesus is who he says he is in the Bible, this church is for you. If you’re a follower of his and want to share his love with this city and beyond, this church is for you.




Chapel Hill / Carrboro

One church. Four locations.

Church is so much more than the Sunday gathering! Vintage Church meets on Sundays in four locations across the Triangle area of North Carolina. Check out the one closest to you first, but feel free to attend anywhere.

It can be hard to understand the flow, feel or direction of anything at first. You might hear a pastor ask you to “stick six” – would you consider giving Vintage Church six weeks to begin to feel like home?


100A Hillview Street
Sunday 10a


118 S. Person Street
Sunday 9a & 11a


1305 West Club Boulevard
Sunday 10a


10224 Baileywick Road
Sunday 10a

How long is the worship gathering?

Each Vintage Church worship gathering lasts for approximately 60-70 minutes.

Is there childcare?

Yes! Each location divides age groups differently, so choose a location below to read more about their particular classrooms. In all Vintage Kids classrooms, children will experience a fun, engaging, and structured classroom time during the worship gathering. The classroom time includes an opening activity, teaching time, discussion, and game time.

How should I dress?

You’re welcome to come as you are. For the vast majority of folks, this tends to be something like jeans and a shirt, whether collared or tee. Regardless of your dress or style, you’ll find Vintage Church is a place you belong.

Will I be pressured to give money?

While we collect an offering each week after the sermon, we see giving as one way members and regular attenders worship. This is for those who have said, “I’ve found out what I need to know about Vintage, and I’m all in. This is my church family, and Vintage’s mission is my mission.” When you visit Vintage Church, there is no expectation or pressure to give; you’re our guest.

What are the sermons like?

We preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, book-by-book.
We believe that you’ll find, in the pages of the Bible, a more gripping story and a more satisfying explanation and solution to the troubles of life than the false promise of “Three Quick Steps To A Whole New You” styled lectures.

What is the music like?

Since the attenders of Vintage Church come from different walks of life and faith, our music reflects that.
If you’re new to Vintage, you’ll notice some of the songs are written by artists here at Vintage Church.

We reach out to good musicians in our midst, and we invite them to do what they do best. Our bands include elements of rock, pop, bluegrass, folk, and other styles, while leading the congregation in songs that cover the full range of emotion from sorrow to joy, and the full truth of God’s gospel. We also sing from a mix of classic hymns, contemporary worship songs, and more.

Let us know you’re here!

Visiting a new church is a bold step! Whether you were invited by a friend, stumbled upon us here, or are new to the area – we are thankful you’re here and can’t wait to meet you. It is not lost on us the courage it takes to check out a new church. We hope you’ll feel welcomed and that it will be a place of rest and worship. 

We’d love to know you as you feel ready and comfortable. Take your time and make yourself known whenever that time comes. Every church is different, so we invite you to consider checking us out for a few weeks and getting to see what we are about and how we make much of Jesus. 

Mike Shillinglaw
Local Pastor, Downtown Raleigh

Shaun Cross
Local Pastor, Durham

Jared Trumbo
Local Pastor, North Raleigh

Brian Pell
Local Pastor, Chapel Hill / Carrboro