What is Connect Four?

Connect 4 is a challenge to engage in an intentional conversation with someone who is different from you. In the pages of this workbook you’ll find pre-work to prepare for this conversation, a guided discussion that moves through 4 intentional steps — Listen, Lament, Learn, and Lift — and finally, some post-work to collect your thoughts and respond accordingly.

Why are we doing Connect Four?

In Revelation the Bible describes a heavenly vision of the Church in Jesus’ presence, worshiping around his throne together, and one of the Church’s most notable features is her abundant diversity. At Vintage Church, we desire what Jesus teaches us to pray, that his Kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:10). So, when we look ahead to the good future of Jesus’ Church, with folks from “all tribes and peoples and languages” unified in worship, we yearn to see that abundant, multi-ethnic reality in our church today. In fact, this is one of several desires Vintage has for the kind of church we want to grow  into over the next 20 years, and we think the Connect 4 is one small step towards seeing that vision realized.

You are invited to watch to the video below as Lead Pastor, Tyler Jones, expands on Connect Four and our call as citizens of the Kingdom to engage in life and conversations with all of God’s people. Please see the video below.