Divine Community Series Resources


One Blood by John Perkins
A passionate appeal from an American Civil Rights and church leader. Vintage is requiring all staff members to read this book.

The Next Evangelicalism by Soong-Chan Rah
Marries  theological and social scholarship to cast a vision for the diverse, multiethnic future of the church in America.

From Every People and Nation by J. Daniel Hays
A fantastic, approachable introduction to the biblical-theological understanding of race and ethnicity. 

 A Many Colored Kingdom by Elizabeth Conde-Frazier
An exploration of how diversity and multiethnicity shape and enhance spiritual formation.

Multiethnic Conversations by Mark DeYmaz
A critical resource for guiding Christians and churches to embracing, and even celebrating, culture change and inclusion


God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell

God Made You and Me by Shai Linne

Creative God, Colorful You by Trillia Newbell

1, 2, 3, God Made Me (board book) by B&H Kids Editorial Staff


Cultural Intelligence Center – Paid. Used by Mosaix and Vintage Staff

Common Purpose – Free. Non-Profit Testing and CQ Organization


Scripture calls us constantly to remember and celebrate what God has done. He is a God of freeing people, a God of justice, and a God for all people from all nations. As a predominately White church, on a path to becoming a multi-ethnic church, our desire is to continue to learn, grow, and engage in conversations regarding ethnicity and culture, with the hope that we would better reflect the kingdom of God.

With that, three folks from Vintage Church sat down to have a discussion on the importance of Black theologians and the role they have played not only on the church but in all aspects of our lives.

We invite you to listen to this short 18 minute conversation and check out some of the books linked here as we hope to continue these conversations throughout our church and our community.