Ministries at North


We pray because the Triune God has created us for relationship with him. We grow stronger in our relationship with him when we spend time with him.  How do we spend time with him? We pray.

We pray because we love the Lord and want to be with him, and because prayer ushers us into the Lord’s presence. We pray because Jesus commands us to pray and teaches us to pray, and because Jesus invites us to come and be with him. We pray because the Holy Spirit prompts us to pray.

The Bible informs the Vintage North prayer ministry. Prayer is worship, confession, thanksgiving and asking.  It is sometimes silence, sometimes listening, sometimes speaking.  It is sometimes individual, sometimes corporate. 

At Vintage North, prayer invites the Lord — who is sovereign and already sees and knows and cares for us – into our lives: our joy, our sorrow, our need, our weakness, and our hope. Prayer shows our humility, trust, and faith in the Lord — who created us for His good pleasure. Prayer brings glory and honor to the Lord.

The Vintage North prayer team prays for the needs of the Vintage North church family.

On Sundays, during the call to respond/communion, the Vintage North prayer team is available to pray with individuals who would like to receive prayer.

Every Wednesday morning from 7 am to 7:45 am at the Sola Coffee Patio, all are invited to read a Psalm together and use the Psalm to guide our prayers for the church family.

Quarterly, we offer Selah, a structured block of time with the Lord to hear the Bible read aloud, have individual silence with the Lord, and be together as a group. 

If you have questions about prayer at Vintage North, please contact Kaitlyn Freeman at

Let us pray!

Prayer is sometimes silence, sometimes listening, sometimes speaking. It is sometimes individual, sometimes corporate. 

Join us for Wednesday Morning Prayer at Sola Coffee’S PATIO

7 – 7:45a

Attend a quarterly selah

for listening prayer


The Vintage North Advance Team operates under the motivation to know, live, and advance the gospel. We love one, love the city, and live the world. We currently partner with various local ministries including StepUp, Refugee Hope Partners, and Safe Families. We serve globally through Compassion International. If you would like to learn more about how to serve the ministries or on our Advance team, reach out to Jess Hughey in person or via email at

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Dessert Discussions

We gather every six weeks or so while we enjoy dessert and unpack and discuss the lessons from last years IF:Gathering along with other daily life topics. All women of Vintage North are invited as well as any other ladies who wish to attend. Please email Jessica Hughey to find out where the upcoming gathering will take place.

See up-to-date event information on the North Events page


Vintage Men exists to create environments for men to have real, honest relationships with one another through Jesus. The results are more resolute men who know and are known by each other, men who are joined together to love and honor Christ in their families, work, and community.

Ruck / Hike

5:30a third Saturdays
Honeycutt Park

Come on out to Honeycutt Park on the third Saturday of each month for a morning of physicality and fellowship. We will ruck up towards Falls Lake. Rucking is simply hiking with a weighted backpack. If you don’t have a backpack or weights, we have some extra, or you are more than welcome to hike along without weights. You can even show up just for coffee in the parking lot afterwards. Email Nolan McKenna if you plan to join or have any questions.