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Meet Annika
who has shared the gospel with countless kids
Annika (Johansson) Spivey started serving with Vintage Kids at Vintage Church in 2006 while in high school. Because of her love for children, it was a perfect opportunity to serve where God had gifted her, and it gave her a wonderful sense of community. Since she lived too far away to join a Community Group, the Vintage Kids volunteers became her primary community, and they cared for and loved her well. She was also able to get to know the families of Vintage, forming relationships that became a great source of love and joy.

Vintage Kids volunteers have a unique opportunity to shape the lives of children and, in turn, their families, and Annika has been able to share the gospel with countless boys and girls over the past six years. God has also been gracious to bless her through the love and friendship of volunteers and families.
The Lord’s goodness and sovereignty are such that He not only used Annika’s gifts to serve others and advance his kingdom, but also to grow and enrich her own life.

We believe God created children to know and enjoy him, and to fulfill a calling to build the kingdom of God through the local church. The same is true for parents or guardians of those children. During each Sunday service, Vintage Kids provides a safe and engaging place for children while parents participate in corporate worship.


At Vintage Kids, we believe that Jesus loves children and that the Gospel is for young as well as old. Every Sunday, toddlers through 5th-graders experience a fun, engaging, and structured classroom time during the worship service. The classroom time includes an opening activity, teaching time, discussion, and game time. Every aspect of this ministry is intended to support parents in teaching their children the good news about Jesus Christ.

Vintage Kids values your child’s safety. Before joining Vintage Kids, every prospective volunteer completes a thorough application and consents to a background check, and then undergoes a training process. Please refer to the Volunteer Handbook available at the Vintage Kids check-in station for more information on the screening, training, and expectations of volunteers.

If you are interested in serving with Vintage Kids, please fill out the form on the Ministries page.


Each Sunday, you will be greeted by Vintage Kids volunteers and asked to check your children in prior to walking them to their classroom. We use a unique and state-of-the-art check-in system that makes this a quick and easy process. You will receive two labels—one for each child to wear and one for you to keep during the service. At the end of the service, to ensure the safety of each child, we will collect your label and make sure it matches the child’s before sending them home with you.


If you are needed during the service, we will call or text your mobile phone to let you know.


Each of our church locations has a different way of handling classes based on age. All church locations have a Nursing Moms room with changing tables and other amenities.


Infants (newborn to walking)
Toddlers (walking to potty-trained)
Pre-K (roughly 3 to 5 years of age)

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade


Infants (newborn to crawling)
Toddlers (walking to 2 years)
Pre-K (3 to 4 years)
Kindergarten-3rd grade
4th-5th grade


Pre-K – Elementary


Our curriculum is intended to cultivate a strong knowledge of God and to immerse children in the Bible at an early age. In the Toddlers class, we use curriculum created by The Village Church. This curriculum is designed to make the character of God and the person and work of Jesus central in every story and lesson. In all classrooms we sing, pray, tell Bible stories, ask questions, and work on craft projects according to age groups.

Our hope is that the children would gain an understanding of God and his plan of salvation, and not simply to learn some Bible stories.

For the Pre-K through 5th grade classes, we use the Gospel Project curriculum. This curriculum follows a three-year, chronological teaching plan that surveys the Bible from cover to cover.

Additional information about Vintage Kids policy and procedures can be found in the Vintage Kids Parent’s Handbook. Copies are available at the check-in desk.

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